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1800 South Osage Springs Drive, Suite 110
Rogers, Arkansas 72758
United States


We are a relationship-based company focused on forging strong, long-term alliances with our clients, as we consider sound client relationships the most important contributor to our success.

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Firm Biography

HP Engineering, Inc. markets to architects, owners and building managers who are interested in a quality design and providing the best solutions to their clients. We do not take the approach that “one size fits all.” By understanding the advantages and disadvantages of all systems, we help the owner prioritize their goals for the system that they need. Factors such as initial cost, efficiency, equipment location, fuel sources, reliability and maintenance are all weighed together using the owner’s priorities.

We understand renovation and expansion projects and have the ability to make these projects successful. Our firm is dedicated to exceeding your expectations about what your MEPF team should be.

HP Engineering is full-service mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection design engineering firm headquartered in Northwest Arkansas.  Our firm specializes in architectural lighting design with an emphasis in energy efficiency. We are a regional firm supporting projects in 48 states and also offer commissioning, fire protection, energy modeling, daylight modeling, and energy analysis services.

Our project experience covers a wide range of size and complexity, including: education (K-12 and University), office, medical, retail, hospitality, large custom residential, specialty industrial, LEED, and religious. We support, and are well-versed, in both Auto CAD and Revit drawing platforms. 

Our company is built upon the foundations of accountability and integrity.  Our goal is to earn your trust on every project, not just the first one.

Because we are a team, we only succeed when our clients succeed.


  • Supporting projects in 48 states and Puerto Rico

  • Native American Owned, TERO CERTIFIED

  • Certified Lighting Design

  • Fire Protection Services

  • CCT Security Services

  • LEED AP's on staff

  • Certified Building Commissioners

  • Energy Services Division

  • Member of USGBC
  • Member of ASHRAE
  • Offering of AIA-Approved Training Courses