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5214 W. Village Parkway, Suite 120
Rogers, AR 72758


We are a relationship-based company focused on forging strong, long-term alliances with our clients, as we consider sound client relationships the most important contributor to our success.

MEPF Consulting

We are dedicated to exceeding your expectations  for what your MEPF team should be.


Our approach to mechanical design is a reflection of the desires and goals of the building owner.  Some building owners have dedicated full-time operations and maintenance staff who want to squeeze every ounce of energy efficiency out of the mechanical systems.  They are trained on the complicated systems and controls that are required to maintain the sophisticated equipment.  Other building owners may not have full-time maintenance staff and have to rely on local technicians that may not be familiar with complicated controls or equipment.  These simplified systems usually have parts and components that are carried  in-stock at the local supply houses which allow for quick turn-around for getting them up and running again.

Our desire is to obtain owner input for the mechanical systems before any recommendation is made so that everyone involved can understand the priorities and how the system selection is made.  We deliberately invite a collaboration of everyone involved in the project to provide input into the selection process.


With today’s buildings becoming more technically demanding than ever our approach to electrical systems design requires close coordination with the client and other design team members.  We pride ourselves in keeping on the leading edge of design practices, standards, and new emerging technologies.  Our intent is to design each electrical system in an efficient yet practical manner that not only meets the facilities current requirements but is also flexible enough to accommodate established future needs of the facility.

When designing lighting and control systems we have the expertise as well as the tools to accomplish anything the client desires.  We strive to provide lighting that meets the client’s expectations for aesthetics and compliments the overall design of the project.  We utilize the newest technology in lighting design software to offer our clients the most      accurate renderings and walk-through capabilities of their spaces.  We design to meet IESNA recommendations in all of our lighting system  designs.  We’re also able to offer lighting controls from the simplest type on/off toggle switching to complex, state-of-the-art control systems with integrated software on laptops, daylight harvesting devices as well as occupancy sensors that can potentially dramatically increase energy  efficiency. We understand that lighting budgets are almost always the first to be value-engineered and are glad to provide ROI information to help our clients fully understand the long term benefits of the newest technology available to them.