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The "Indiana Jones" of HP Engineering: Meet Andrea Anderson

Andrea Anderson, the newly appointed Federal Program Manager and In-House Counsel at HP Engineering, brings a unique blend of her Indiana Jones past and legal expertise to the team. With a decade in Northwest Arkansas, Andrea's distinctive career path adds an intriguing element to the company.

Before coming to HP Engineering, Andrea delved into classical studies, specializing in ancient Greek and Roman culture and history. Her undergraduate years were spent working at museums and digging for artifacts that belonged in museums. She was fortunate enough to spend summers on excavations in Italy and Portugal.

After her time in the dirt, she transitioned into a legal career spending three years in public and private practice, representing a variety of clients in civil litigation and family law matters. However, a desire for a more transactional and contract-based role led her to HP Engineering where she now serves as the Federal Program Manager responsible for coordinating with partners on government bids across the United States, and as HP’s very own in-house counsel. 

Andrea's management of our federal program includes identifying relevant government contract opportunities, building proposal submissions, and collaborating with a network of partners nationwide.

"I'm thrilled to embrace my new role as Federal Program Manager and In-House Counsel at HP Engineering. With my diverse background spanning archaeological digs to legal practice, I bring a dynamic skill set that aligns well with my responsibilities within HP. I look forward to contributing to project success, fostering relationships, and positioning HP as a top partner for government contracts. Here's to new adventures and impactful contributions in the AEC community!"

Beyond her professional pursuits, Andrea enjoys cycling, hiking, and sampling local eateries in Northwest Arkansas. Her current reading list includes fantastical re-readings of Harry Potter and dramatic historical fiction like All the Light We Cannot See, and she loves watching comfort shows like Law and Order and Matlock.

In her new and enhanced role at HP Engineering, Andrea looks forward to growing her professional relationships and connections, contributing to project success, and positioning HP as a top partner for government contracts. Andrea's journey reflects the dynamic intersection of diverse experiences in the engineering landscape.


Interested in exploring partnership opportunities for government contracts? Connect with Andrea to learn more about how our expertise can align with your vision and contribute to successful ventures. Reach out today to initiate a conversation and explore the possibilities of collaborating on impactful projects. 

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