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Intern Spotlight: Hasan Albasri

We sat down with one of our favorite 2022 interns, Hasan Albasri. In our discussion, we learned more about what Hasan loved about his internship with HP Engineering, the lessons he learned, and his hopes for the future.

My internship helped me improve my skills when it comes to designing as well as load calculations. Because of my internship experience, I have confidence in my calculations. I will be able to use this experience to make a better employee and engineer once I graduate. - Hasan Albasri

The best lesson I’ve learned during my internship is not to be afraid to ask questions. Everyone who works at HP is there to help, by asking questions, helped me with having a better understanding of how projects are set up, and it expanded my knowledge when it came to solving problems and designing. Another thing I have learned is to have a good relationship with the people who work in the office, it made work much more enjoyable, and I felt like I was part of the team, even though I was just an intern.

Some of the skills and techniques I learned, other than learning new software, I have improved my skills when it comes to designing as well as load calculations. Also having a plan written down before starting a project, not only helps keep me organized but also helps communicating with others who are working on the project.

Hasan Albasri is a senior at Kansas State University. He will graduate in May 2023 with his degree in Architectural Engineering.

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