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Reflecting on the Highlights of 2023: Wrapping Up the Year

As 2023 draws to a close, we reflect on a year that brought both unexpected challenges and remarkable achievements. It was a year marked by resilience and adaptability as we navigated through global uncertainties, economic fluctuations, and overcoming the ongoing impact of COVID-19.

Here are the highlights of our eventful year:

  • Expanded Presence in Phoenix: To meet the growing demand of MEP and structural work in Arizona and better serve its Native communities, we opened a fifth location in the Valley of the Sun. Shane Wells was selected to lead this new office and, since opening in May, we’ve tripled our workforce in Phoenix and continue to expand our presence in various markets in Arizona.

  • Extended Weekends with Half-Day Fridays: What began as a pilot program became a cherished perk for our team. Half-Day Fridays, designed to optimize productivity from Monday through Thursday, have allowed our employees to enjoy extended weekends, striking a balance between work and personal time.

  • GSA Program Success: We are thrilled to announce our status as a GSA contract holder with the federal government. This milestone enabled us to submit proposals for national projects supported by the US government. Throughout the contracting process, we received several federal contracts that will propel our company forward over the years to come.

  • Investing in Leadership: Our CEO, Brandon Pinkerton, continued HP’s comprehensive Leadership Development Program[KD1] [KD2] . This initiative is aimed at nurturing and cultivating the skills of our team members, ensuring our commitment to exceptional quality and service remains steadfast.

  • Employee Resource Groups: Our BRAIN groups (Employee Resource Groups) continued to thrive, contributing to another year of success. Meeting monthly, these groups provided a dedicated space for our team members to connect, share insights, collaborate on problem-solving, and innovate collectively. BRAIN groups have proven instrumental in fostering a sense of community, promoting diversity and inclusion, and ensuring that the voices of all employees are heard.

  • Annual Corporate Retreat at Spring Valley Ranch: In August, we gathered for our Hawaiian-themed corporate retreat at Spring Valley Ranch. The event featured thrilling activities like ATV tours, hiking, and competitive clay shooting as well as relaxing elements like floating the river.

  • College Recruitment and Interns: In the summer, we extended opportunities for growth and development to four talented interns. As part of our commitment to fostering the next generation of professionals, we actively participated in a dynamic college recruitment season this fall. By engaging with students on campuses, we sought to attract promising talent, providing them with valuable hands-on experience and exposure to the diverse and innovative projects that define HP Engineering. Nurturing emerging talent underscores our belief in the power of mentorship and knowledge-sharing to shape the future of the engineering industry.

  • Community Engagement: Throughout the year, we actively engaged with the community through outreach initiatives and volunteer activities. Our commitment to social responsibility led us to participate in community engagement programs, allowing us to contribute to the well-being and development of the areas in which we operate. Whether it was supporting local charities, participating in environmental initiatives, or volunteering our time and expertise, HP Engineering continued to strengthen its bonds with the community.

  • Rock-Star Staff: We take immense pride in recognizing several members of the HP Engineering team who have made significant contributions both in and outside the workplace. Their outstanding efforts have not only elevated our company but have also garnered recognition within the broader community. Whether through professional achievements, leadership roles, or active involvement in community service, these individuals have exemplified the values and spirit of HP Engineering.

  • 15 Years of Excellence: Throughout 2023, we celebrated our 15th Anniversary. Founded in 2007 by Bill Hodge and Brandon Pinkerton, HP Engineering has evolved into one of the region's largest engineering design firms. With nearly 100 employees across five regional offices, we continue to uphold our commitment to delivering exceptional services to the AEC industry.

What’s in store for the beginning of 2024?

  • New office spaces for Oklahoma City and Phoenix: To accommodate our growing workforce, Oklahoma City and Phoenix locations are moving to larger spaces within their current buildings. Watch for updates and new addresses!

  • New Maternity and Paternity Leave: In a progressive step toward fostering a supportive work environment, HP Engineering is thrilled to introduce maternity and paternity leave benefits beginning January 1, 2024. We are proud to provide our team members with the opportunity to embrace important family moments, acknowledging the significance of work-life balance and the diverse needs of our growing workforce. This initiative reflects our ongoing commitment to the well-being of our employees and reinforces HP Engineering as an inclusive and family-friendly workplace.

  • Employee Resource Groups: Our BRAIN Groups will start up again in 2024. These groups play a vital role in shaping the inclusive and supportive culture at HP Engineering, and our team members have enriched their professional experiences through participation. The success of these groups underscores our commitment to creating an environment where every individual can thrive, bringing their unique perspectives and contributions to the forefront. As we look ahead, we remain dedicated to our BRAIN Groups’ continued growth and impact, recognizing them as integral components of our vibrant and dynamic workplace.

Through the trials of unpredictable times, adherence our core values proves that we can consistently provide world-class service. With tenacity and a commitment to quality, we've demonstrated that we can overcome any obstacle that stands in our way. Here's to a year of resilience, growth, and continued success for HP Engineering.

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