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Getting to Know Our Interns

Each year, HP Engineering welcomes a fresh batch of talented and passionate individuals who bring their unique perspectives and skills to our dynamic team. In this blog post, we will introduce you to these exceptional interns, giving you an exclusive glimpse into their backgrounds, aspirations, and the valuable contributions they are making to the field of engineering. From innovative problem-solving to groundbreaking projects, join us as we get to know the future leaders in the AEC field and discover the incredible impact they are already making in the industry and in their community.

Baylor McDonald is a motivated individual with a passion for architectural engineering and diverse technical skills. With proficiency in AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, and Rhino 3D, Baylor possesses the necessary tools to excel in the field.

Baylor is pursuing an architectural engineering degree at the University of Oklahoma. Baylor’s engineering skills were honed during his time on the Red River Technology Center robotics team in Duncan, Oklahoma. Collaborating with team members, Baylor utilized his engineering and mathematical skills to complete tasks and design a robot for competition. His ability to brainstorm and influence others was vital to the team’s success.

Baylor is dedicated to his academic and professional pursuits and actively engages in community service. He has organized video game tournaments for the charity Extra Life, volunteered at the Medieval Fair of Norman, assisted with post-tornado cleanup in Elk City, Oklahoma, volunteered for the Friends Fur Changes Foundation, and supported the National MS Society.

With his strong technical skills, educational background, practical experience, and commitment to community service, Baylor is prepared to thrive in the field of architectural engineering.

Fun Facts about Baylor:

Morning person or night owl? A morning person

Best concert? Cole Swindell

Best place traveled to? Atlanta, Georgia

Best book recently read? The Rhythm of War by Brandon Sanderson

Historical figure he'd most like to meet? James Garner

Something he's proud of? Being an archer

Hidden talents or hobbies? I have too many hobbies. To name a few, archery, hunting, reading, video games, tabletop games, binge watching, and recently I have gotten into painting. My hidden talent is Origami.

Currently binge-watching: Ozark

What's on his playlist? Sabaton

Favorite memory? My favorite recent memory was when I was deer hunting and I fell asleep leaning against a tree, and I woke up just in time to scare off an armadillo that was just a foot away. I thought it was going to climb into my lap.

Best compliment ever received? I was told that I was a hard worker.

Best advice ever received? If you are going to do something, then do it right... the first time (this advice only makes sense if this isn't your first time doing the task).

Three items would he take to a deserted island? an axe, duct tape, and a periscope.

If he could haunt one place for an eternity, where would it be and why? Stone Henge. It will still be standing centuries from now, and it will probably add to the confusion surrounding its origins.

Luke Mugler is positively impacting his community as an architectural engineer. Luke is pursuing a degree in architectural engineering at Kansas State University with an expected graduation in May 2024. Throughout his college education, Luke has excelled academically, and his coursework has provided him with a solid foundation in architectural engineering.

Luke is actively involved in leadership and has received several honors at Kansas State University. He serves as the chair of the Architectural Engineering Institute’s open house. He contributes to the Christian Challenge LINK team, extending a warm and supportive community to international students at the university. His dedication has earned him membership in the honor societies for engineering, Tau Beta Pi, and architectural engineering, Phi Alpha Epsilon.

Luke recently had the opportunity to engage in a summer cultural exchange program in North Africa where he immersed himself in the culture and collaborated with local businesses. This transformative experience broadened his global perspective and strengthened his ability to work effectively with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

With his array of experiences, cultural awareness, and leadership skills, Luke is a promising candidate in the field of architectural engineering.

Fun Facts about Luke:

Morning person or night owl? A morning person

Coffee or tea? Coffee

Best concert? Ben Rector

Best place traveled to? Sequoia National Park

Best book recently read? I usually just start books and never finish them haha

Historical figure he’d like to meet? Jesus

Hidden talents or hobbies? I play violin and piano!

Currently binge-watching: Recently finished Andor!

What’s on his playlist? A little bit of everything! I usually like to listen to relaxing acoustic / folk music like Noah Kahan, Dawson Hollow, and Jack Johnson, but I’ll also listen to more upbeat music like Ben Rector and the Rascal Flatts!

Madison Roeber is a dedicated junior architectural engineering student known for her commitment to academic excellence and involvement in various organizations. She has a strong background in customer service and retail experience, having previously worked as a server and pharmacy technician. These roles have honed her excellent customer service skills, allowing her to communicate and connect with others effectively.

At the Milwaukee School of Engineering, Madison has gained a wide range of skills, including fluid mechanics, mechanics of materials, building construction methods, and thermodynamics. She is also proficient in software such as AutoCAD, Revit, BIM 360, and Microsoft Excel.

Madison engages in leadership roles and co-curricular activities. She is a member of the Architectural Engineering Institute and Women in Construction. She participates in events such as Masonry days and the upkeep of the Milwaukee Admirals’ Ship, demonstrating her hands-on involvement in the field. She volunteers with Keeping Greater Milwaukee Beautiful, participating in group cleanups on roadsides and parks.

With her dedication to architectural engineering, excellent customer service skills, and passion for giving back to the community, Madison is poised to positively impact her chosen field and contribute meaningfully to the AEC industry.

Fun Facts:

Morning person or night owl? A morning person

Best concert? Hard answer. Been to over 500 shows. Warped Tour was my favorite festival!

Best place traveled to? Chicago is always fun to visit.

Best book recently read? Broad Band, the story about the women who created the internet.

Historical figure she’d like to meet? Edgar Allen Poe

Something she’s proud of? Being a first-generation college graduate

Hidden talents or hobbies? No hidden talents, but love to go hiking with my dogs and go to heavy metal concerts!

Currently binge-watching: I don’t watch much television but will always rewatch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

What’s on her playlist? Knocked Loose, Boundaries, Turnstile, and No Pressure

Favorite memory? Any memory with my dog, Minnie.

Best compliment she’s ever received? Being told I should pursue a master’s degree because of my educational abilities.

Best advice she’s ever received? My Nana who said, “Never grab a beer for a man on a couch.”

Three items would she take to a deserted island? A working jet boat, gasoline, and some drinking water.

If she could haunt one place for eternity, where would it be? Pike Lake Beach because I love hiking there and could have fun haunting in the woods.

Vanessa Schwake is a junior architectural engineering major focusing on building electrical systems. She has a strong background in virtual design construction and experience in construction sequence planning, options analysis, cost estimating, coordination, clash detection, and various other tasks.

At the Milwaukee School of Engineering, she was part of the electrical team for the ASC Region 3 Open Electrical Competition and worked on recreating drawing plans in Revit. Another notable project was converting an old warehouse into a microbrewery/beer garden using Revit and AutoCAD. Vanessa is proficient in Trimble X7 and Assemble Autodesk. These tools enable her to contribute to electrical designs and construction processes effectively.

Beyond her academic pursuits, Vanessa participates in various leadership and co-curricular activities. She serves as the fundraising chair for the Alpha Omega Epsilon sorority and holds the position of treasurer in the Unicycling Club. She is also an active member of the Associated Schools of Construction, Engineers Without Borders, and ASE-NECA.

Vanessa’s dedication to her field of study, hands-on experience in virtual design construction, technical proficiency, and active involvement in leadership and community service activities highlight her as a well-rounded and motivated future engineer. With her background in building electrical systems and commitment to continuous learning, Vanessa is poised to excel in her future architectural engineering endeavors.

Fun Facts:

Morning person or night owl? A morning person

Best concert? Dropkick Murphys

Best place traveled to? Sedona, Arizona

Hidden talents? Unicycling, slalom water skiing, kayaking

What’s on her playlist? Movie soundtracks

Favorite memory? Ziplining in North Carolina

If she could haunt one place for eternity, where would it be? Jerome, AZ

As we end this blog post, we hope you have enjoyed getting to know HP Engineering's 2023 interns as much as we have. Their enthusiasm, dedication, and fresh perspectives have injected new energy into our team, inspiring us to push innovation's boundaries even further. These talented individuals represent the future of engineering, and we are thrilled to have them on board as they embark on their exciting engineering journey. We look forward to witnessing their continued growth and success, knowing that they will play a vital role in shaping the future of technology. Stay tuned for more updates and stories of their remarkable achievements.

Thank you for joining us on this journey of discovery and celebration!

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