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Greg Adams and Luel Baylon Join HP Engineering: Paving the Way for Engineering Excellence

Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) engineering plays a critical role in shaping the infrastructure of our communities and our world. With technological advancements and increasing demands for sustainable and efficient solutions, the expertise of experienced professionals becomes indispensable. In a significant development for the Oklahoma City and Phoenix markets, HP Engineering has recently welcomed two new electrical engineering managers: Greg Adams, PE, and Luel Baylon, PE. Their arrival promises to strengthen HP Engineering’s capabilities and contribute to the growth and innovation of the region’s MEP engineering industry.

Enhancing Engineering Capabilities

  1. Delivering Technological Advancements: Greg and Luel's extensive knowledge of emerging technologies and industry best practices will empower HP Engineering to provide state-of-the-art solutions to clients in Oklahoma City, Phoenix, and other regional markets. Their expertise will drive the adoption of cutting-edge electrical engineering techniques, such as building automation systems, renewable energy integration, and energy-efficient designs.

  2. Ensuring Compliance and Sustainability: With a deep understanding of local and national codes and regulations, Greg and Luel will play a crucial role in ensuring that projects comply with all relevant standards. Their focus on sustainability and energy efficiency will contribute to developing environmentally conscious designs that align with the evolving needs of the Oklahoma City and Phoenix markets.

  3. Collaboration and Partnerships: Greg and Luel's collaborative approach will foster strong relationships with clients, contractors, and other stakeholders in the MEP engineering industry. By establishing open lines of communication and fostering partnerships, we can provide comprehensive and tailored solutions that meet each project’s unique challenges and requirements.

  4. Knowledge Sharing and Mentoring: Greg and Luel’s extensive experience positions them as mentors within HP Engineering. Their commitment to sharing knowledge and nurturing talent will enhance the existing team’s skills and contribute to the growth and development of the MEP engineering community in Oklahoma City and Phoenix.

Let’s Get to Know Greg and Luel

Greg Adams is an accomplished electrical engineer with a decade of experience in the industry. Greg has a unique mix of oil and gas and architectural engineering experience in designing, consulting, and commissioning.

In his previous roles, Greg was an electrical project engineer, responsible for signing and sealing drawings and specifications, ensuring compliance with NEC/IBC requirements, and coordinating with utilities on power consumption and demand. He also served as a lead control system and automation engineer and a subject matter expert for power, controls, instrumentation, and electrical/automation systems design for different business unit research projects. Greg’s project management expertise is highly praised for ensuring the timely completion of projects while always prioritizing health, safety, and environmental protection.

With his experience in electrical design, instrumentation, and control systems, Greg can tackle complex projects, collaborate with different engineering disciplines/consultants, and deliver high-quality work within tight timelines. He graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in electrical engineering and is licensed in Oklahoma.

I am elated by the opportunity to join HP Engineering and bring my expertise to the architectural landscape of Oklahoma City. Working for architectural clients is a thrilling endeavor as it allows me to fuse my passion for innovation with the artistry of architectural design. We will illuminate the city’s skyline with sustainable, cutting-edge electrical solutions, empowering our clients to shape a brighter and more efficient future. I’m ready to make a powerful impact!” — Greg Adams

Luel Baylon is a licensed electrical engineer with an impressive 29-year architecture and engineering consulting career. Over the years, he has developed a wide range of expertise in electrical engineering, specializing in power distribution, lighting, grounding, and low-voltage systems. Luel has worked on commercial and healthcare facilities, science and technology centers, data centers, and government projects. In recent years, he has focused on critical facilities for government and private sector projects requiring high reliability and survivability through redundant equipment, power distribution pathways, uninterruptible power supply, and emergency generator systems.

In his previous roles as an electrical discipline lead and senior electrical engineer, Luel demonstrated his leadership and management abilities. As the electrical discipline lead, he was responsible for workload allocation, team education development, project supervision, and participation in project reviews. He played a crucial role in office goal planning and hiring new talent while overseeing projects’ financial aspects. As a senior electrical engineer, Luel led the electrical design team for various projects, establishing client relations, ensuring compliance with standards and codes, conducting field observations, and guiding other professionals in the field.

Luel began his career as an electrical designer, gaining experience in preparing electrical plans and specifications for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. His responsibilities included lighting design, power systems, fire alarm systems, load calculations, and stakeholder coordination. Luel’s excellent communication skills have helped him establish strong relationships with clients.

I am honored to join HP Engineering and embark on the journey of expanding the company’s footprint in Phoenix. Being part of this company, known for its creative problem-solving and commitment to excellence, is truly inspiring. I am eager to leverage my expertise and collaborate with the exceptional team at HP to create impactful solutions that will shape Phoenix and Arizona’s infrastructure for years to come. Together, we will build Phoenix a stronger, smarter, and more sustainable future.” — Luel Baylon

Adding Greg and Luel’s electrical engineering experience signifies a significant step forward for the Oklahoma City and Phoenix markets. Their wealth of experience, innovative thinking, and commitment to excellence will propel our growth and reinforce our position as a leading MEP engineering firm. By leveraging their expertise, HP is poised to deliver sustainable, cutting-edge solutions that will shape the future of the built environment in Oklahoma City, Phoenix, and beyond.

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